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We work in the Towns and Cities of
(But not limited to)
Evansville, Newburgh, Boonville, Jasper
Princeton, Rockport, Mount Vernon, Tell City, Lynnville
Elberfeld, Chandler, Grandview, Hatfield
And the Counties of
(But not limited to)
Warrick, Vanderburgh, Spencer, Posey, Gibson,
Pike, Dubois and Perry Counties in Indiana
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A soil test is REQUIRED in Indiana for any Septic System Absorption field (field bed) repair or installation.

Vanderburgh County Health Dept. will do soil tests for Vanderburgh County installations only but
PLEASE UNDERSTAND these tests are NOT State certified nor recognized or accepted by the
Indiana State Dept. of Health (ISDH) if they have to do plan review for your installation.

The ISDH and any other local counties will ONLY accept a soil test from an Indiana Registered Soil Scientist.

This one is located in Newburgh
David Ralston was a soil scientist for Amax Coal for over 19 years and
Is one of the most regarded soil scientists in Indiana
We are lucky to have him in our area.

Soil Tech Inc. 858-7003
Click HERE to Email Him


If you feel the County is trying to Bulldoze you into something that isn't right
or force a particular contractor on you (some local counties are known for this)
then ask what your options are by writing the;

Supervisor of The Residential On-Site Sewage Program for Indiana by clicking below.

Alan Dunn ISDH

Just remember it is YOUR home and YOUR money,
you DO have rights!
Don t let Petty Politics Boss you around.